Design and colours

A strong design creates a stronger desire to purchase

– we are happy to assist with graphics and decoration

Customers do not spend very many seconds at the refrigeration counter, freezer, or at the shelves. So it is important to send the right and most effective signals to make sure that the packaging’s “wrapping” stands out on a crowded shelf. At the same time, one must also ensure that the design builds trust, by staying true to the product category.


Your design guide will make this easy for you

IML is prepared according to carefully prescribed guidelines, and Toppac is happy to assist throughout the entire process of managing the individual designs, including administration, scaling, colours, design, proofreading for approval, and finally the ordering and manufacturing of IML labels. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

In-mould labelling – IML

We use IML (in-mould labelling), where labels are printed directly onto the product.

IML types
EUH (60 µm)
White label with orange peel finish
EWR (57 µm)
White label with glossy finish or matt finish
ETR (57 µm)
Transparent label
Standard IML
50% side label
100% side label
Bottom label
Top label (Lid)

The world, and the packaging, should be seen in colour

We offer the development of designs in up to 6-8 colours, in both CMYK and Pantone colours. Samples for inspiration can be sent by agreement.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about your options.


Toppac 11


Toppac 13

476 C

Toppac 14

7543 U

Toppac 15

012 C

Toppac 16

1788 C

Toppac 17

7527 U

Toppac 19

299 C

Toppac 22

226 C

Toppac 24

100 C

Toppac 26

668 C

Toppac 28

293 C

Toppac 29

1235 U

Toppac 30

201 C

Toppac 31

169 C

Toppac 32

457 U

Toppac 33

1505 C

Toppac 34

354 U

Toppac 70

196 C