Danish Veterinary and Food Administration inspected and high standards of hygiene: Our PP packaging is made with quality and safety in mind

Environmental policy in practice

Sustainable, recyclable, environmentally friendly, green construction. We comply with the many different requirements of a modern production company, and actively contribute towards creating the basis for a future without pollution. Giving thought to the issues at stake and following the most natural path, gets you a long way towards reaching your goal. We have adopted this philosophy in our current day-to-day life, and we have also incorporated it into of our vision for the future: With the inauguration of the new headquarters, we put an extra thick green line under our progressive environmental profile.

Miljøet er vigtigt

We follow the rules – and we have paperwork to prove it!

PP lives up to the increasing focus on sustainability

  • PP is widely recognised as a recyclable material
  • PP is a lightweight material, which means reduced emissions during transport
  • PP can extend the shelf life of food products, minimise food waste, and thereby reduce the overall environmental impact